Specialized Microphones Warehouse Sale 2020

Philips SpeechMikesOlympus RecMic IINuance PowerMic III
SpeechMike Premium - Push Button
List Price$355.00$299.99$424.00
Record ButtonPush ButtonPush ButtonPush Button
Mouse PointerTrackballTrackballTouchpad
Warranty1-Year Parts & Labor90-Days Parts & Labor90-Days Parts & Labor
Other Models-LFH3510 Slide Switch/Trackball
-SMP3700 Push Button/Touchpad
-SMP3710 Slide Switch/Touchpad
-SMP4000 Wireless/Push Button
-SMP4010 Wireless/Slide Switch
-RM-4110S Slide Switch/Trackball
Sale 5-10 Units Per Order$318.25$331.55$318.25$331.55$375.25$388.55$284.99$313.49$402.80
Sale 11-50 Units Per Order$294.80$307.12$294.80$307.12$347.60$359.92$263.99$290.39$373.12
Sale 51-200 Units Per Order$278.05$289.67$278.05$289.67$327.85$339.47$248.99$273.89$351.92
Sale 201-500 Units Per Order$267.00$279.20$268.00$279.20$316.00$327.20$239.99$263.99$339.20
Sale 500+ Units Per Order$257.95$268.73$257.95$268.73$304.15$314.93$230.99$254.09$326.48

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Call for special pricing on Philips SMP3800 Barcode Scanner/Push Button and SMP3810 Barcode Scanner/Slide Switch models.

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