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By Sayantani Sanyal for Analytics Insight

A list of the top speech recognition software one can embrace in 2021.

The speech recognition software system has made life easier and is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Several companies and business leaders are choosing the speech-to-text software system as it is faster and produces accurate results.

A speech recognition software converts the verbal language into text by using machine learning algorithms. Speech recognition ensures that the users can control these devices and create documents efficiently. According to reports, the speech recognition software market is estimated to rise from US$10.70 billion in 2020 to US$27.155 billion by 2026.

For businesses, this speech-to-text software system is making valuable contributions. In the legal and healthcare sectors, the software is used to produce accurate documentation. Customer service executives use this technology to input information about the callers like their names, account numbers, queries, and other data. It ensures cost-effectiveness by reducing and even eliminating the employment of agents and improving customer service facilities at the same time.

Here is a list of the top 10 speech recognition software to look out for in 2021.

1. Google Docs Voice Typing: Google’s improved version of speech recognition in one of the most popular word processors in the world has drawn attention from several companies and business leaders in the world. This feature is integrated with Google Suite and enables formatting and editing of the contents in Docs by using voice typing. One of the key benefits of this software is that it can be used on both Windows and Mac devices and is completely free of cost.

2. Winscribe: Winscribe is owned by the company Nuance and provides services like documentation workflow management, transcriptions, and assists organizations in managing their dictations. It ensures easy documentation solutions by allowing users to use unique input methods like digital voice recording from computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It can be used on Andriod, iPhone, and PC devices. One of the added benefits of using Winscribe is that it can detect deviations from the usual workflow and take corrective measures.

3. Speechnotes: Speechnotes is dictation software powered by Google, easy to use, and ensures efficient documentation. The users do not need to create a separate account to login into the app. They can simply open the application, click on the microphone and start dictating. It also allows the users to insert punctuation marks by dictating them through voice commands or using the built-in punctuation keyboard. It provides the users several fonts and text size options, including in-app purchases to unlock the premium features.

4. Gboard: Android users can enjoy Gboard services by installing the application from Google Play Store. Gboard is an instant speech-to-text application, designed as a keyboard for physical input but, it also carries the speech input option, making it more efficient to use. This application can also work with Google Translate and provides dictation services in over 60 different languages. Even though the application is not authentically a transcription application, it provides its users with all the facilities available in a basic transcription tool.

5Otter: Otter is a cloud-based speech recognition program that provides real-time transcription by allowing the users to edit, search, and organize transcriptions according to their preferences. Otter is programmed to work in collaboration with teams, specifically for meetings, interviews, and lectures, where different speakers are appointed IDs to make transcriptions easier to understand. It is a paid program that provides three types of plans, individually designed to suit the users.

6. Windows 10 Speech Recognition: Windows 10 is providing built-in voice recognition features for its users through accurate transcriptions. The users can give basic commands to the system and access its assistant features through voice control algorithms. The users can also train the software according to their preferences by reading texts to the system and allowing access to their documents for the software’s deeper understanding of the users’ vocabularies.

7. Dragon Speech Recognition Software: The Dragon Speech Recognition Software is owned by Nuance. It follows an AI-based speech recognition algorithm that learns the voice of its user with greater accuracy over time and supports cloud-based document management. It is one of the fastest and claims to deliver 99% of speech recognition accuracy. It aims to eliminate the barriers to productivity and increase efficient interaction between its users and the computers.

8. Microsoft Azure Speech-to-Text: Microsoft Azure’s Speech-to-text feature is powered by deep neural network models and ensures real-time audio transcriptions. This feature allows the users to create texts from multiple audio sources and offers customization options to work better with distinct speech patterns and background sounds. The users can also change various specialist vocabularies like product names, place names, and other technical information.

9. IBM Watson Speech to Text: IBM Watson’s Speech-to-Text feature is powered by AI and machine learning algorithms. Instead of transcribing speech-to-text in real-time, it allows its users to convert batches of audio files and process them through language, audio frequency, and a range of other output options. It enables tagging transcriptions with speaker labels, smart formatting, and other features.

10. Amazon Transcribe: It is a cloud-based, automatic speech recognition platform that converts audio files into texts. It aims to provide a more efficient service than the traditional speech recognition software by recognizing texts in low frequency and noisy recordings. Amazon Transcribe uses the deep learning process that enables formatting and adds punctuation automatically. It is one of the most powerful and efficient speech-to-text platforms and is mostly used for business enterprises.

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