Dragon Law Enforcement v16 VLA License Level A


Dragon Law Enforcement v16 VLA License Level A (5 to 50) (State and Local Government)

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Safer, faster, more efficient incident reporting on Windows 11 and 10.

Empower patrol officers, agents, and other law enforcement professionals with the best tools to create incident reports and perform other essential tasks—all by voice—with the Dragon® Law Enforcement v16 speech recognition solution. Heavy documentation demands can impact timely report filing, limit the time officers spend in the community and even put their safety at risk. Dragon Law Enforcement v16 empowers law enforcement professionals with a fast and accurate way to create incident reports—at the station or on patrol—all by voice. Speed data entry into records management systems (RMS) or other applications. Conduct license plate and VIN lookups by voice and stay heads up and more situationally aware. Or eliminate transcription time and costs and reduce reliance on support staff. With Nuance Deep Learning technology, Dragon achieves high recognition accuracy while dictating, even for users with accents or those working in open office or mobile environments.

Spend less time on paperwork, more time protecting and serving

Ensure timely filing of incident reports Eliminate the need to decipher handwritten notes or try to recall details from hours before. Using Dragon, officers simply speak to create incident reports 3 times faster than typing, with up to 99% recognition accuracy in real-time. The result: more detailed reports, time for supervisor review and timely filing.

Improve accuracy with custom vocabularies Dragon Law Enforcement was built with data to include words and phrases used by law enforcement, such as car and truck makes and models, Canadian and Mexican provinces and cities – even requisite offender profanity an officer may need to include in a report. To further increase accuracy, custom words or word lists can be added. For instance, if a department uses names or terminology with a high degree of frequency, add and share these customizations with other Dragon users for improved dictation accuracy and document turnaround.

Keep officers more situationally aware Dragon’s fast, accurate dictation with robust voice command capabilities improves in-car documentation productivity and safety for officers while stationary in their patrol cars. For example, officers can look up license plates simply by saying “enter plate Alpha Bravo Charlie 123,” or write incident reports—all while keeping their heads up and eyes on their surroundings.

Increase officer omnipresence in the community With Dragon as part of your incident report workflow, keep officers on the street and more visible within the community. Law enforcement professionals can dictate reports and other paperwork in a fraction of the time it would typically take typing by hand. This means they spend less time back at the station tethered to a computer, and more time on patrol.

Empower officers with the Nuance PowerMic 4 This high-quality, handheld microphone makes it easy to switch back and forth between dictation and other duties, while not being tethered to the computer or in-car applications. Officers can dictate, edit, navigate and review documents, or switch dictation on and off using a toggle button if they must quickly exit the vehicle. Buttons can also be programmed to automate steps such as advancing sequentially through fields of an incident report.

Eliminate or reduce transcription time and costs Reduce dependencies on outsourced transcription services or costs. Using Dragon, support staff can transcribe recorded notes or voice files of another single speaker into text quickly and easily back at the PC. Dragon’s Auto Transcribe Folder Agent (ATFA) also makes it easy to transcribe batch files of audio recordings for additional time and cost savings.

Built with accessibility requirements in mind Dragon extends Windows 11’s stellar accessibility experience to document creation and command and control functionality. Mouse grid on multiple monitors, “play that back” audio of dictated text in the user’s voice, and sophisticated macro commands are just a few capabilities officers with unique accessibility requirements will appreciate. Building on 25-years of expertise advancing speech-recognition technology, Dragon is globally recognized as a leader to help organizations of all types take full advantage of their workforce and help build an inclusive workplace.


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