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Fluency Direct – Adding a Mobile Mic (iPhone)


If you have downloaded the mobile dictation app for Fluency, then you are ready to connect your Fluency Direct. If you are still in need of downloading the app to your phone, please click one of the links below:




iPhone Installation

After installing the app on your iPhone, you will see the welcome screen upon the first launch.  Click Get Started to connect the phone to the app.  This will bring us to a screen where we must use the computer.  


  *On your computer:

Open Fluency Direct, log in and click Microphone setup.  


    In the Microphone drop-down menu, select Link a mobile device…  



  Enter the 4-digit code that is generated from Fluency as seen in the image below.  Every time you connect a device, the 4-digit pin will change:  



*On your phone:  



After inserting your code, you will be prompted to choose a location.  



    Your phone is now connected.  You will now be able to push the microphone button on the app and begin to dictate.  


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