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Dragon Medical – Using Commands


One of the many features ofDragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is to create and set up commands.  Having these commands will cut down on your transcription time and your workflow will become smoother every day.  Creating, managing, and viewing your different commands is very easy to do.  To find the Command Center, please follow the steps below. Note:*  This guide is for creating new commands in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.  If you already have commands from Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, please look at the post regarding importing commands.    After launching your Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, you will notice you only have two main categories of options: Tools and Settings. Under the Tools menu, you will find the Command Center.  This will present you with three additional subcategories: Add New Command, Manage Custom Commands, and Command Browser.  In this guide, we are going to focus on creating a new command. In the image below, this is the MyCommands Editor.  This is where you can create your custom commands.  In our example, I have created a command called ‘Signature.’  While you do not have to train each new word, I would highly suggest doing so as it will improve your accuracy of each new word. Now let’s look at the Manage Custom Commands.  In this editor, you will see all your custom commands.  You can quickly scan the list to prevent creating as well as editing and deleting the current commands.  If you do choose to edit a command, it will bring up the MyCommands Editor. The last section of the Command Center is the Command Browser.  This will show all your custom commands as well as all the built-in commands that come preloaded in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.   This includes Medical Templates, Medical Normals, and the Sample Commands.     I hope this helps you with understanding the Command Center. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!

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