Optimized, voice-driven documentation saves 90 minutes per day

Dragon Medical One makes quick, effective work of clinical documentation for a busy fertility specialist.


  • Increase clinician productivity to keep pace with high patient volume and documentation workload
  • Effectively document patient encounters and conditions without workstation limitations
  • Maintain patient care and documentation quality


  • Dragon® Medical One
  • PowerMic™ Mobile


  • Consistent, effective, high-quality documentation from virtually anywhere
  • Workdays shortened by 90 minutes with improved documentation efficiency
  • Complete patient records built from consistent, methodical documentation practices

The Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in New York (CCRM New York) has been providing patients with industry-leading, quality patient care and outcomes since June 2016. Brian A. Levine, MD, founding partner and practice director, sees 10-20 patients daily at the all-inclusive fertility center with four physicians and 20 staff members. Dr. Levine uses Dragon Medical One throughout his day creating documentation within GE Centricity at the clinic and Allscripts at the hospital and enjoys the efficiency and freedom that the cloud-based, voice-driven solution provides.

“With Dragon Medical One, I don’t worry about the guts of the computer anymore—it’s 100 percent in the cloud.”

Brian A. Levine, MD
Founding Partner and Practice Director
The Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine

Technology that works the way physicians work

A longtime user of Dragon Medical, Dr. Levine has optimized real-time speech-to-text to support his daily workflow. “Dragon Medical One is the same great Nuance® product that I’ve come to trust over the years, but more powerful, more versatile, more reliable. It’s agnostic of the machine, agnostic of the EHR, and offers great data portability. More importantly, it allows me to have improved clinical efficiency.”

From morning exams to midday procedures to afternoon consultations, Dr. Levine follows up patient interactions with documentation using Dragon Medical One. Because the application is cloud-based, he can access his personal profile and preferences from any device. “I’m not tied to my personal workstation,” he says. The PowerMic Mobile app further simplifies the task by serving as a secure wireless microphone that automatically syncs and readies for input.

Leveraging Dragon’s versatility to establish very specific templates, Dr. Levine ensures the capture of all pertinent information. “I’ve been able to optimize my speed,” he explains. “That’s where my voice plays a big part. Templates, short texts, hotkeys, and then layering in shortcuts it all saves time across the board.” He uses an inventory of 10-15 programmed shortcuts to populate automatic text for common documentation, such as brief histories for mother, father, and siblings. He then amends the content with information unique to that story.

The result? Dr. Levine is one of the busiest partners at his practice, yet he’s one of the first to head home at the end of the day. By using Dragon Medical One, Dr. Levine estimates he saves at least 90 minutes per day creating consult notes, op notes, emails, and letters. What’s more, he feels he can provide better care because he’s documenting the patient situation better.

The right choice for improved practice viability

Driven by the ease and speed in documentation provided by Dragon Medical One, Dr. Levine’s colleagues will soon be sharing in his efficiencies. “My partners see that my patient volume is not affected by my use of Dragon Medical One,” he says, “so they’re incentivized to begin using it themselves.” Dr. Levine ordered more licenses and will be helping his colleagues maximize the use of Dragon Medical One in their workflow.

The minimal footprint and easy installation fast-track implementation. “With Dragon Medical One, I don’t worry about the guts of the computer anymore it’s 100 percent in the cloud,” he says. “I don’t worry if there’s enough memory. I don’t worry if the software is up to date because it’s lightweight and all processing takes place over Nuance’s secure cloud infrastructure.”

By using voice-driven documentation in the EHR, Dr. Levine captures the right amount of the right information quickly and easily, and then heads home without compromising the most important goal of all: high-quality patient care. He says, “I love everything about Dragon Medical One. It just works. It’s very simple.”

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